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C27504R Fireberry Rollagraph® Standard ColorBox® Archival Dye Cartridge and Refill

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Rollagraph® Ink Cartridges are available in 10 ColorBox® Archival Dye Ink colors. Ink cartridges coordinate with inkpads. When permanence and archival quality is important, ColorBox® Archival Dye Ink is the crafter's choice.
• Gorgeous on-trend colors that are ideal for scrapbooking and journaling projects
• Fast-drying, permanent and perfect for watercoloring
• Dry ink will not smear when moistened
Works like a hand-held printing press!

ADD a standard ink cartridge to the standard Rollagraph Self-Inking Handle.
 in a standard stamp wheel.
ROLL out continuous images for scrapbooks, stationery, bags boxes and more. You can change stamp wheels and ink colors any time, as often as you like. Also works with Stampin' Up! Standard Stamp Wheels.

Stamp Wheels can be removed from the handle and cleaned with soap and running water. Dry wheel before reusing.

Ink cartridges will roll out 500-1000 feet of stamp impression before reinking is necessary. Reinkers are available for all colors and all types of Rollagraph inks. Be sure and match the correct reinker for the type of ink you have. Apply a few drops to the ink roller and work in with bottle nozzle.
Dimensions: L 1.26" x W 1.48" x D 1.13"